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Post by RhenSamilia on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:47 pm

Hi. I am Anna (aka Rhen Samilia, I also go by the nickname Tealth). I am almost 30 (will be in August), and am currently a Student studying Graphic Design. I have been playing games the majority of my life (started on an old Atari 2600). I prefer MMORPGS, J-RPGS, and LARP-ing. I have played everything from Runescape to Everquest to Ultima Online to Lord of the Rings Online, to Final Fantasy 11 to WoW and Guild Wars 2. LARP is Live Action Role Playing and am a member of a LARP know in GA called SOLAR. I played Final Fantasy 11 since launch back in 2003, and enjoyed every minute of it. When 14 was released I played during 1.0 and was a constant player up until the extended free-play ended, but was back once 2.0 went live. I was a "casual" raider during my WoW and SWTOR days. Very quick learner when it comes to mechanics. So yeah thats me in a nutshell... kinda sorta... ^_^.

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