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Post by Kwon Yuri on Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:34 am

Hiiiiii, My ign is Kwon Yuri! Just recently joined this FC and received a nice warm welcome! I main the WHM class and my ilvl will be probably be 180 by the time you guys read this! This is my 2nd most played MMO I've played in my life so far, about to be my first actually. My first is Ragnarok Online with 1,000+ hours o-o.

About myself -
I tend to play all day unless I don't have work, class or hanging out with friends.
I'm also crazy because I farm 14 hours of Centurio Seals, ponies, and much more o-o.............
18-years old guy who has no life :sadface:
I love kpop!
I also played Team Fortress 2 competitively, won a couple of 1st place tournaments.

Abilities -
I'm a quick learner although I may be slow on certain areas.
Open to criticism.

That's pretty much about it. Hopefully I didn't bore you down :c

Kwon Yuri
Kwon Yuri

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